Megascans Indie team 4k Packs


Really Interactive AB
Attn: Björn Albihn,

Mountain Slope" (Indie 4K)              $399
(Indie 4K)                        $299
"Forest Underground" 
(Indie 4K)     $319

VAT                                                   $255


Total:                                                 $1272

Really Interactive AB

C/o Jonatan Crafoord
Mörbydalen 16

182 52 Danderyd


To be assigned to

Minimum system requirements
- Windows 7, 64-bit only
- Photoshop CS3 Standard/Extended, 64-bit
- 8GB of RAM
- 1.5 GHz CPU
- Dedicated GPU (Nvidia GTX 600 series, or comparable specifications)
- At least 16GB of scratch disk memory reserved for Photoshop (i.e. 16GB free on the hard drive Photoshop is using as a scratch disk)